No Contract - NO 5 Year Sign up....

i-Meter is a fully integrated Stock and Vehicle Tracking system with most Electronic Meters on the current Market.We don’t make you sign up for 5 years, we offer it as a no contract monthly fee. It allows the office to track the stock and vehicle in Real time through a Web Dashboard. Every time the electronic meter is engaged we take all that meter information, overlap the GPS co-ordinates and display it in a user friendly dashboard back at the Office. You get full transparency on all deliveries and stock movements in real-time, whether or not the driver hands in a ticket.

Features / Benefits

> Real time GPS tracking of the Stock and the Vehicle
> Online Dashboard in the Cloud – No software to be installed in the office
> View each stock transaction Live on the Dashboard using Google Maps
> Full Trail of the vehicle with GPS co-ordinates being captured every 6 secs
> Capture the Start Time, End Time, ticket Number, Product, Qty and Location
> All delivery information displayed in PDF format


The i-Meter box is connected to the silver connector of the i-Meter power/data cable assembly. The i-Meter input power/cables are connected to the electronic register cables, and then the i-Meter output power/cables are connected to the back of Epson TMU295 printer.
Next, the aerial antenna is connected to the i-Meter and mounted on the windscreen/windshield of the vehicle facing the sky.
Finally, the i-Meter box is secured inside the cab of the vehicle.
Installation requirements and times will vary with the model of vehicle but as a guide, we recommend allowing an hour. Once installed and the power is turned on, the i-Meter box begins to send GPS data up to the online dashboard and is ready to start working.


The i-Meter system allows deliveries to be tracked online and in real time. This software gives oil distributors the tools to accurately record what is being delivered, what quantity is being delivered as well as the time and location of the truck when the stock was delivered. In order to read the meter printout a device is plugged in between the electronic meter and the printer. This is a simple install process that can be complete in one hour. By integrating with the electronic meter system, this ensures that all data is meter driven and any fuel that is delivered or moved to another compartment will be recorded through i-Meter. 

Delivery Ticket

After the i-Meter box is installed in the vehicle, an online web dashboard can be accessed. The dashboard allows office staff to view the activity of the stock and vehicles which is plotted on Google Maps. Each delivery ticket can be viewed in PDF format. This information, helps to eliminate fraud as any stock discrepancies can be easily identified. With a tight margin on fuel sales, i-Meter ensures that every drop is accounted for and helps to protect the business owner AND the driver.

UnPlanned Stops

We show unplanned stops i.e. stops that have gone past an agreed company time. Now there are plenty of legitimate reasons for stopping, such as grabbing a bite to eat, having a break, etc. You can set a time limit on when you wish these unplanned stops to be displayed, most companies will choose something in the region of 30 mins. Once the vehicle has stopped for more than 30 minutes, you will see an icon in the form of a yellow warning triangle displayed on the map where the vehicle has stopped.
We also store previous unplanned stops that can be viewed at any time on the map.

Vehicle Trail

i-Meter captures the GPS co-ordinates every 6 seconds and sends them up the to Map in the Dashboard. If the device goes into a bad cellular signal area, the i-Meter will still continue to capture the satellite GPS co-ordinates & time stamp them. Once the device comes back online, it will send up all the stored GPS co-ordinates so you can always see where the vehicle has been.
The trail function allows you to select a vehicle and see how the driver went about their day. It displays the route, unplanned stops and deliveries. You can pin point exactly where a vehicle was at any particular time.

Built-In Reports

Within the dashboard we have many reports available and they can be run per driver, vehicle, depot or company. These reports can also be run for a single day, date range, week, month, or year. This allows the User to access the data captured and turn it in to useful business matrix. For example, a popular report is a KPI that measures the quantity of litres delivered per driven Kilometre (Mile). This allows you to compare and contrast different drivers, identify what activity the better performing drivers are doing and try to eliminate the non-productive activity that is slowing down your drivers and improving conditions that impact driver productivity.
Other reports can highlight slow customer turnarounds, long delivery times, small deliver amounts, long delivery drive times, etc.

Electronic Meters

The list of electronic Meters that i-Meter integrates to is:

  1. LectroCount LCR3
  2. LCR II
  3. LCR600
  4. SAMPI/Alpeco TE550 Truck II and Truck III
  5. Mechtronic MaxFlow Veeder-Root EMR3
  6. Maine Truflow Veeder-Root EMR3
  7. Cetil ME 3000, 2000 and 1500
  8. Meller FlowComm 200 LPG
  9. DRUM
  10. EMCO Data Plus II
  11. Alfons Haar ELZ
  12. Liquip DFV 100, DFV 101 and DFV 103
  13. Epson TMU295 – THE industry standard slip printer used by all


This is the ability to set up Areas / Zones / Locations, so that when a truck enters or leaves them, an alert is sent to show what time these events took place. Typical events that are being recorded/checked:

– How long are your trucks spending in the Terminal fuelling up?
– Are drivers being routed outside of their delivery zone?
– What time are drivers leaving the depot in the morning?
– Does your driver have to be a critical customers site before a certain time?