OutTrak Mobile Fuel Software

OutTrak Mobile handheld software for the Fuel distribution Industry

We provide peace of mind to fuel distributors collecting and presenting insightful data that allows them to control stock, drivers & customers. The OutTrak system works hand in hand with your electronic flow meter and uses the information from the meter to drive the billing system, eliminating opportunities for driver input error. The OutTrak system is in operation in the Fuel industry for over 20 years all enhancements and developments are driven by Fuel distributors.

Fuel Handheld features

> Big button Easy to User Interface
> Full Inspection Form on the handheld
> Orders and Routing on handheld
> Handheld Loading Stock
> Handheld Pot to Pot Transfers
> Handheld Line Changes
> Handheld Stock Transfers
> Handheld Non Deliveries with Reasons
> Handheld Same Day Order Processing
> Handheld full Pricing Matrix
> Full Electronic Meter Integration using the 1 printer Epson TMU295 –
> We link to TE550, Truck III, Mechtronic EMR3, Drumflow, DataPlus II, Alfons Haar.
> One Printer, One Pass through Print
> Full Web Dashboard with unlimited Users
> Full Stock GPS Tracking using iMeter
> 2 Way Messaging from handheld to Web Dashboard
> Full end of Day Procedure with Reports
> Full System Integration with FuelSoft, Codas, Mandev and many other ERPs systems.

Back Office Integration

OutTrak mobile software allows heating oil delivery drivers to process orders quickly through a handheld device. OutTrak is integrated with the accounts package, it eliminates paper dockets and office manual processing. Orders are taken down from the back office system the night before or early that morning onto the hand held and can be routed or not. At the point of delivery all orders are processed on the handheld using the data from the on board electronic meter. The customer is given the ticket with their details on it, the independent metered information and then invited to sign the screen. The customer is presented with an accurate, meter driven delivery ticket or invoice and within one minute an exact electronic PDF copy is sent back to the dashboard as a POD. These are stored electronically in conjunction with the invoice in the back office system for further distribution or recall.

Electronic Meter Integration

OutTrak uses the information from the electronic meter especially the quantity delivered, by taking a direct feed it can eliminate driver error. We also use the meters printer so you only have one pass through. We print the customer details first, hand control of the delivery to the meter, capture the meter data them use that to print the rest of the ticket. You get a full POD back in the office with the meter details and the customers signature. OutTrak can also be used either with or without our i-Meter delivery tracking software. OutTrak if used in conjunction with the i-Meter software acts as an auditor to compare orders completed on the handheld against actual deliveries through the meter.

Vehicle Inspection Report

Before the vehicle can be put to work the driver must carry out a vehicle inspection. We can configure this activity on the hand held to suit your requirements. Once the driver logs-on to the device he is asked to carry out an inspection. He confirms by ticking a list of particular parts of the vehicle, that are to be in a serviceable condition for the days work. Should he find a fault with a particular item, this will generate an e-mail to the transport manager and any third party people that may end up fixing the problem. You can configure the form to not allow the driver to proceed if he finds a fault with particular items such as brakes. Once the inspection is completed, the driver signs the screen and the form is uploaded to the office dashboard as a PDF and archived until/if required. From the time you start to use the system, you can search back to get the reports for particular trucks.

Managing your Stock

Helping you to manage your stock and measuring every drop of fuel is the most important job OutTrak will do for your business. By using the meter integration we can account for every line change, stock return, delivery even bunkering that goes through the meter. From the dashboard in the office you can jump on any truck at any time of the day and see what product and what quantity is on-board and if your meter allows it, which pot it is in. Reconciling the stock movements for the finance department can now be done on a day by day basis and if discrepancy’s arise they can be addressed immediately. Should an any issues arise in the future, you have the facility to quickly search backwards for a particular vehicle on a particular date.

Office Dashboard

The OutTrak office dashboard sits between the back-office accounts package and the hand held computer in the vehicle. The dashboard is giving you a live picture of every vehicle in the fleet. This can be filtered by depot or by truck. You can see what customer deliveries have been made, at what time, how much stock is dispensed, what stock is on-board and see in detail on a Google map where all this activity took place. In our experience this dashboard is useful to sales, operations, finance and senior management. We ship it with an unlimited user license so everyone in the business can have access at no extra cost. It can be configured by log-in as to who sees what. For example people based at a particular depot can only see vehicles for that depot. Once you start to use the dashboard you may find that its the first thing you will open in the morning on arriving at the office.