OutTrak Mobile Bakery Software

OutTrak Mobile handheld software for the Bakery Industry. Our bakery application has been developed over the past 10 years and is probably our hardest working app. High amount of deliveries, short product life span, very competitive shelf space, any amount of STK’s all make this system pay for itself in a very short time span.

Bakery Handheld Features

> Big Button Easy to Use Interface
> Multiple Company and Suppliers supported
> Full Vehicle Inspection Capture on handheld
> Routes
> Multi Company / Suppliers Capability
> Capture & store customer signature
> Bluetooth printing
> Order History
> Full Stock Control
> Print Delivery and Invoices
> Print Priced Deliveries and Returns Notes
> Get Payment Facility
> Barcode Scanning
> Order Processing
> Full Tracability with Trays
> 2 Way Message Facility GPRS / 3G
> Real-time visibility of Drivers using Web Dashboard
> Option to capture photos at customer site
> Handheld GPS with full Dashboard Tracking of Drivers and Deliveries



Office Features

Access to the dashboard by the Office, can be configured per depot per region or whatever will work best for your business. This gives a complete picture of the drivers route as he carries out his days work. You can view his on-board stock, send him new orders or swap orders to another driver. Used for day to day productivity improvements, the dashboard enables the sales office, operations & transport and of course finance to have complete transparency of the business operations.

From the day you start to use OutTrak, all transaction details can be accessed through the calendar function. This allows accounts people to quickly look for delivery information or driver activity for a particular date, reconciling stocks or customer queries in minutes.


OutTrak displays the Drivers Routes in the order that the business would wish they follow. Routes can be imported from your ERP or created in other third party applications or even Excel. Route management should always be kept under review as customer performance changes and new accounts are added.

Maximising driver coverage is much easier to manage when you have timed evidence of his performance over the course of a day.

Signature Capture

Full signature capture is available throughout the application.

For capturing the customer signature at the point of delivery, creating an electronic POD that can then be distributed as required within minutes of the delivery.

Internally most businesses use it first thing in the morning for the drivers doing their vehicle inspection and signing off on their end of day transaction summery.

Third Party Deliveries

If you need to deliver on behalf of other bakeries or product groups, we can set up the software so it can either produce different invoices or can split out orders after delivery for processing by two back office systems.

The system software is all developed in-house which allows us huge flexibility to meet your exact requirements.

Some Bakery Customers using OutTrak

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