We will be at STAND 38, and we will be giving demonstrations of the new features we have added to the i-Meter: Alpeco TE550 Truck III. Manual Stock Control. Offline data storage. Geofencing. 1.   Alpeco have a new electronic meter … Read More

i-Meter captures data from all Alfons Haar meters

Allan Stobart Fuels, an i-Meter customer, took over the management of three trucks fitted with Alfons Haar electronic meters in December 2015.  The each truck had a different Alfons Haar meter: ELZ CountMaster X-Master 4 Alfons Haar is not a common meter here in … Read More

Alpeco TE550 Truck III data capture by i-Meter

      A Glen Fuels truck, which has the new Alpeco TE550 Truck III meter fuel delivery system fitted to it, has had an i-Meter system installed. After working closely with the development team in Alpeco for many months, … Read More